Series 20 Electric Actuator

The Series 20 covers the volume small bore quarter turn valve market, often referred to as the 1/2" to 2” market, with the 20Nm Basic on-off electric actuator or the fully featured 20Nm Series 20 Smart electric actuator, both versions available in either a plastic or aluminium IP67 rated housing. 

Series 20 Electric Actuator

The Basic version of the Series 20 Electric Actuator offers a 20Nm electric actuator with simple open-close function, or a 15Nm failsafe electric actuator. Designed to be competitively priced as it only offers simple on-off function and basic features. Select ‘Basic’ below to open a new page with further details.

The feature packed Series 20 Smart Actuator offers all the options currently available including an OLED screen, external push button local control, fast acting, timer function, wireless, failsafe, speed control, bus communications and magnetic position sensing proportional control. Select ‘Smart’ below to open a new page with further details.

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