Series 80
Compact Basic 80Nm Electric Actuator

The AVA B80 is our Basic 80Nm entry-level electric actuator. The B80 Series offers 80Nm torque output as standard, with an IP67 rated ABS housing, manual override, end of travel limit switches and internal heater. The actuator is to be used for ball and butterfly valves and has an ISO 5211 with F05/07 x 17mm mounting for direct mount to valves. The standard function is On Off. 

The AVA B80 can be upgraded to a Failsafe function using an internal Capacitor Failsafe system. This is an internal capacitor can achieve Failsafe Open or Failsafe Closed on loss of power. We can also offer Hi Speed series for quick actuation time of 0-90 degrees in around 5 seconds. 

See our S80 Smart Series for Modulating function and other ‘Smart’ features including BUS, Timer and Modulating Failsafe. 

* Please note that if you have previously purchased a 60 Series actuator (B60 or S60) this has now been replaced by our 80 Series following the launch of our new 50Nm actuator series. The 80 Series is a direct replacement, like for like just with more torque output. 


Product Options:
  • Hi Speed Function
  • Failsafe Function
  • LED Status Light

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